Philippians 4:13. “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength”

Hello Littlehampton!

Pastor Martin & Josie

Let me introduce myself:  I am Rev Martin Seymour.  I am the minister here at Littlehampton Baptist Church, as of February 1st 2017.

I am here with my wife, Jose, and our little dog Bayley.  Jose and I have been married for 44 years, we have a Son and a Daughter, both are married and have blessed us with four Grandchildren.

Since being here we have made some lovely new friends and are now familiar with the area and the streets.  We have got used to the fact that hardly anyone uses indicators on roundabouts, which is a surprise because there is a roundabout on every “eye- blink”, perhaps drivers all know each other and know that it’s “Tuesday so Miss Mountshaft is off to the blacksmiths this morning so she will go left into Church Rd”  or, all the indicator bulbs have just got worn out from all the use, or all Littlehamptoners are so private that they do not want anyone to know where they are going, so, sssshhh, it’s a secret!!  A very well kept secret.

I am a networker, so I have been busy getting to know as many people as I can and finding out what they do and their vision for Littlehampton.  It is exciting to hear that everyone “Believes in Better”.

Littlehampton really has a “can do” attitude which makes it an exciting and visionary place to be, here in “Happy Town” as I heard it called on one radio station.  Here in Littlehampton, you can say “Good Morning” to a stranger and they are not stumped for an answer, as is in London, unless it’s Christmas and then everyone will acknowledge you, but only up until Boxing Day.

It is feeling like a great privilege to be here and be a part of LBC’s passion to know, live out and share, in the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s message that Jesus is Lord it’s an exciting prospect, that we can all do as Philippians 4:13 declares.

Having listened to and taken joy and encouragement from the activities and buzz of the LBC crowd, I am sure 2017 will continue to be an exciting, blessed and awesome year of service for us all.

To our Brothers and Sisters in neighbouring churches, to our new friends and those whom we are yet to meet, to those who have just stumbled onto our website, to you all, my wife and I want to bless you all with the love of Jesus.

If you are visiting Littlehampton, come and join the party here at LBC, you will be made very welcome.




In Him


Revd Martin Seymour 

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