Courses 2021/2022

"Bereavement Journey Course" Starting in the new year.

The “LIGHT OF REMEMBERANCE SERVICE” 10th December is in response to the understanding that many families have been bereaved and were not able to visit or, maybe the loved one was in another country. We would like to give those who are grieving a chance, near to Christmas to honour the departed loved one with a special community service and then they can have details about the BEREAVEMENT JOURNEY. Steve of Reynolds informed us that in the past year they have arranged as many funerals in one year that they would expect to have over a two year period and Reynolds feel this is a much needed service to our community. When we promote both ventures we have permission to use the Reynolds logo which in turn will show LBC working withand alongside a well-respected local independent Funeral Care company.

"The Alpha Course" - coming soon  

Alpha which is a course designed for those who would like to ask all those difficult questions about the Christian Faith. We are looking to start a new course in the Autumn, it is open for anyone tobring their questions and arguments, believers and non believers, all welcome. To register your interest, speak to Pastor Martin or email and we will let you know when the course begins.