LBC Covid-19 measures for safe return to Church Service


We can accommodate up to 30 people at each church service, therefore, it is crucial that you send Pastor your request to attend a Service no later than the Wednesday before the Sunday you wish to attend.  It may be necessary to introduce a rota system, if numbers exceed 30.

Please follow these instructions on the day

  • Remember to maintain your 2 metre distance from others as you approach the building.

  • Masks must be worn before entering the building and remain on throughout.

  • The Welcome Team will use a non-contact thermometer to take your temperature as you enter the building.

  • You should then sanitize your hands at one of the Sanitiser Stations.

  • You will need to check-in either manually or using your phone to scan the QR Code on the Poster in Reception.

  • At all times follow the clockwise oneway system in and out of the Sanctuary – Entrance through Reception doors and exit through doors by the platform.  This includes when you wish to use the toilets.

  • Please maintain your distances as far as possible when entering and exiting the toilets, wash your hands thoroughly, reenter via the internal Reception Doors and sanitize your hands again before entering the Sanctuary.

  • You will see red crosses on the seats indicating you may not use these seats.  If you are in a bubble of more than one, you may remove a ‘red cross’ or, if there are two of you, you may choose to use the seats by the walls. Always make sure there are two seats between you and the next bubble.

  • Keep your masks on and avoid face to face conversation with those around you.

  • Please remain seated throughout the Service.

  • You may not sing but you can hum quietly to yourself when music is played.

  • When there is Communion you should bring your own bread and juice.

  • After the Service please exit via the doors by the platform one row at a time starting from the front row follow the arrows through the Lounge and Hall to the Car Park exit. .  Maintain your distances during this process.

  • Please avoid socialising and leave the building immediately.

Thank you for adhering to these instructions in order to save lives and protect the NHS.